Do you like the Minions, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Avatar, and Game of Thrones?

Dig Deep. Get Skilled. Go Beyond. Dig Deep. Get Skilled. Go Beyond. Dig Deep. Get Skilled. Go Beyond.

In DIY Language, you will Do It Yourself. You will make a language.

All those movies have languages that people invented. The Minions language is just silly (Banana!) and the things said in other languages in Star Wars weren’t done very well (you could do better!). But in the other movies there are one or more fully functional languages that people made up … just for the movie or for the original book.

Step by step you will have help to make up words, put them into sentences that make sense, and start to use your language. You will be able to introduce yourself, make an advertisement, and create a short video.

We’re all about creativity. You will also invent your own people (aliens? animal folk?!) who use your language, complete with maps of where they live and stories about them you write in English (with a bit of your new language, just like in the movies and books).


Weekly online learning calls
5 weeks independent and group learning
20 hour project / performance of understanding
Half-day celebration of learning at an ACS school
5 weeks to complete

Next Course Dates:

20th February 2023 – Course begins online
21st February – 24th March 2023 – Students work online collaboratively and with weekly 1:1 tutorials
25th March 2023 – Celebration of learning: students return on-site to present their project outcomes.


Interested and interesting students aged 11-17, who are passionate about language and language creation and committed to learning how to deepen and share their understanding and impact in the world.

Students eager to prepare early for future careers in language, media, communications, education and performance. Future global thinkers, doers and problem-solvers should apply. Risk takers and explorers are welcome here.


Explore the art of language.

Develop your own language.

Create your own grammar.

Share your language through video or a dictionary.

This course will build confidence, explore creativity, develop skills for collaboration, critical thinking and research skills.

Dive into the world of a language creator.


Why create your own language? Because it’s fun.

Along the way you’ll make some pretty interesting discoveries about the nature of language, how language does or does not affect our thinking, how grammar rules can get in the way of each other, and a bit of the stories of some of the conlangs – and the people who make them up – out there among the highly creative folks in the world.

Paul Magnuson

Paul Magnuson works at two Swiss international schools, Leysin American School and Copperfield International School. He is also an adjunct member of the faculty at Moreland University, where he teaches in the teacher certification and Masters programs. His primary interest in education is the support of student and teacher autonomy and self-direction.

Paul has over twenty years of summer camp experience, to which he attributes his creativity and love for out-of-the-box learning. He has studied German, French, Spanish, Dutch,  Esperanto, Scandinavian and other languages; his current Duolingo streak is over 1,000 days long. He offered his first course in DIY Language in 2017. He has a PhD in curriculum & instruction for world languages.


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