How do the courses work?

  • Six 90-minute class meetings, held when you’re not at school – most likely, nights and weekends in the UK (class meetings will be recorded, but you can only miss and make up one meeting or you can’t earn high school credit) – one meeting every two weeks
  • Two hours between each class meeting for independent learning, small group work, and interaction with the course leader in the ACS Beyond Academy Learning Management System
  • 20 hours of independent research and preparation for your own project (performance assessment) that shows what you’ve learned which will be presented to your peers
  • At least twice a week, interact with the course, your peers, and the real-life experts you’ll meet along the way.
    • No Tests or Grades
    • You assess your own work using quality criteria
    • Experience points, level completion, and peer review of your project
    • If you complete the course, you get the credit (0.5 US High School Credits)

Who should enrol?

Interested and interesting students aged 14-17, who are passionate about the subject and committed to deepening their understanding and impact in the world. Students eager to prepare early for future careers in specialist fields. Future global thinkers, doers and problem-solvers should apply. Self-starters and students with growing self-management skills. People who like to work together and on their own. Risk takers and explorers are welcome here.

Who is behind Beyond?

Beyond is a global learning platform for young people created by ACS International Schools, a widely-respected international school group with over fifty years of experience of delivering quality international education to children aged 2- 18, from all over the world. With expertise in global education, professional teacher development, international curriculum development and student engagement, ACS International Schools has pooled its knowledge and expertise to create a  twenty first century global learning platform that caters to the student needs that the standard school curriculum cannot easily meet. Learn more about ACS International Schools, including our Education and Partnerships Strategies.